I’m Gonna Let Me Finish . . .

     I am interrupting my story/essay posts with an update.  I never thought I would post an update because I have never had anything to update UNTIL NOW!  (If you don’t like updates then please browse the other posts that @WriteStep thought were OUTSTANDING! )

     Since starting #novelpi with @merrileefaber on Twitter on Sept. 5th, I have written 35 days in a row and 32,396 words of what I like to call my #wip.  (I have picked up all these new expressions and hashtags and I sprinkle them around like new vocabulary words I’m not quite sure how to pronounce or use in a sentence. (Especially, W00t!))

         As you may or may not know, the #wip is a trashy romance novel with pirates and Victorian like erotica (see True Calling), even though the Golden Age of piracy when the story takes place was in the early-1700’s and the Victorian era, well, was not.  So far I have Captains named Hutchins and Scott, ships called the “Much Ado” and the “Merrilee,”  colorful characters Don, Collin and Morris.  Hey, when I’m in the moment and need a name nothing beats Twitter (I got the idea from @jchutchins. If you don’t want your name used, you should let me know).   I have done research because even when writing trash I’m a nerd and I need to know about bow lines, sails, masts, spars, gundecks, cannons, navigation, flags, oh, and there’s a pirate trial or two.  (I have become a pirate dilettante with just enough knowledge to irritate those that actually know about this stuff. If David Cordingly ever reads this book he will likely cringe more than once).

         What I have learned about writing so far – I don’t have to write chronologically; it gets easier as the story gets going; characters really do assert themselves; it doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to get done; writing every day works but takes time; and it’s fun. Last week, as I was writing I thought, “I have always wanted to read this book,” with something like glee. (Which is good because since Sept. 5th I have not watched TV and have missed “Glee” which I am informed (via Twitter) is OUTSTANDING!)

          You may now return to your regularly scheduled program. I #amwriting.


3 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Let Me Finish . . .

  1. ha! I totally hear you about all the new twitter vocabulary words. And for some reason, I HATE the word woot! Weird, I know.

    And also – what is #novelpi? that’s a new one for me 🙂

    • #novelpi is Novel Push Initiative. It is a loosely banded group on Twitter where writers commit to a minimum word count everyday and report in. I did it for a three week session with @merrileefaber and started the novel. It gave me just the push I needed. (Explained further in “True Calling.”)

  2. I do think you have missed you calling of being a stand-up comic. Anytime I have a tough day I can count on you to make me laugh. I am now leaving with a smile and leaving a smile for you. 🙂

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